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Order “After Gardens,” my women’s fiction ebook (about 30 pp) at Amazon here! Released June 19, 2019.



My novella, Ceremonials, an ekphrastic fiction in twelve parts, is forthcoming from KERNPUNKT Press on February 11, 2020. 

More info on both projects on the Books/Chapbooks page


I write book reviews, hybrid essays, cultural criticism, and some fiction. I edit other people’s words pretty well. I offer workshops and writing counsel in-person in Los Angeles (I’m based in the San Fernando Valley).


Tour dates for Ceremonials are here! 


I’m seeking representation on several projects:

  • Urban fantasy novel, HIGHBINDER (stage: complete)
  • Writing reference book, NEWBIE (stage: proposal & sample chapters)
  • Conceptual novel, VICTORIAN SPAM (stage: complete)
  • Collection of hybrid essays, WEIRD NEW SHIT (stage: proposal & sample chapters)

Feel free to poke around to look at my clips and offerings.


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