Thanks for visiting. I imagine you’re here about that thing I wrote.

My novella, Ceremonials, an ekphrastic fiction in twelve parts, released from KERNPUNKT Press on February 11, 2020.

“After Gardens,” a women’s fiction ebook (about 30 pp) released June 19, 2019 from Wild Rose Press. Available here.

More info on both projects on the Books/Chapbooks page

I write book reviews, hybrid essays, cultural criticism, and some fiction. I edit other people’s words pretty well. I offer workshops and writing counsel in-person in Los Angeles (I’m based in the San Fernando Valley).

Tour dates for Ceremonials are here! 

I’m seeking representation on several projects:

  • Urban fantasy novel, HIGHBINDER (stage: complete)
  • Writing reference book, NEWBIE (stage: proposal & sample chapters)
  • Conceptual novel, VICTORIAN SPAM (stage: complete)
  • Collection of hybrid essays, WEIRD NEW SHIT (stage: proposal & sample chapters)

Feel free to poke around to look at my clips and offerings.

I’m glad you’re here.

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