katharine coldiron (dot com)

So you've decided not to proofread your [whatever] on your own. Good for you!
The best thing you can do for your [whatever] is to enlist the help
of someone irritatingly obsessed with correct
grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Did you catch the missing Oxford comma just there?  


See? You need me. 


Aside from editing my own work (as above), I have held a contracting job as a copy editor for
web content since November of 2011. I have been promoted at that job
and have been asked to take on special assignments, so I'm no slouch at it.

I've also been unconsciously editing the world since I was an [annoying] child.

I'm available at a reasonable hourly rate, or at a flat rate with 25% up front.
I can do a hybrid thing as well, where I'm hourly with a total cap.
Or I might be willing to trade for goods or services.
Just e-mail me, kcoldiron [at] gmail, and, as the Beatles say,
we can work it out.  

The [whatever]s with which I can help include the text in webcomics
(I gleefully do intermittent work for the creator of Ctrl+Alt+Del),
short fiction, nonfiction essays, marketing copy, or pretty much
anything else related to the written word.

I reserve the right to refuse jobs for ideological reasons. I will not edit
hate speech or text meant to sucker vulnerable populations.
I'm OK with obscenity, but not exploitation. 

I might also say no just because I'm busy with other stuff. Sorry, dollface.

I am happy just to proofread, but if desired, I will also offer detailed line-editing
of prose that needs help not to be awkward or unskilled. 

I'll never, ever prioritize my words over yours. 

I can't commit to line-editing book-length projects. I'm not good at that. Get in touch with
somebody as friendly and expert as Herta Feely for that sort of thing.


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