When not writing, I cross-stitch. A lot. And I made these little babies because I, like many of you reading, am Terminally Online and thought the design was funny. They are about five inches across and I will mail one or the other to you, inside a small frame, if you win this month’s giveaway!

I modified the original design because I thought not everyone would want to display a curse word with their handmade craft. No judgment either way. Of the entries, I will choose one at random.

Steps to enter:

  1. Leave a review of my book, Plan 9 from Outer Space, on Amazon.
  2. Once the review goes live, fill out this Google Form.
  3. Wait until the end of January to hear if you won!

You don’t have to leave a glowing review of the book if you don’t feel it; I’m seeking any and all reviews right now, as quantity helps authors almost as much as quality. More than 25 reviews, and the book is eligible for different kinds of cross-promotion; more than 50, the same but more so. If you didn’t like the book and you leave a review to that effect, you’re still entered in the lottery.

Please no mean reviews left as a joke. Amazon doesn’t like them and neither do I.

You do not need to have bought the book from Amazon in order to review it there. If you want to enter but you object morally to Amazon, please leave me a Goodreads review instead. If you have questions about privacy of your address, etc., email me (kcoldiron at gmail dot com) and we’ll sort something out.

If this cross-stitch design is not for you, sign up for my newsletter and hang tight for a few months. Should this promotion go well, I’ll do another with a less snarky design, likely in early summer. If it doesn’t go well, email me when you run out of patience and I’ll probably make you something just because.

Good luck!