June 2018

Never Anyone But You (Rupert Thomson) at The Arts Fuse

Gaslight: Lantern Slides from the Nineteenth Century (Joachim Kalka) at Cleaver


May 2018

MEM (Bethany C. Morrow) at Locus

Credo: An Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing (eds. Rita Banerjee & Diana Norma Szokolyai) at CRAFT

The Underneath (Melanie Finn) at sinkhole

Profile/Review: Stormwarming (Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir) at Women’s Review of Books, vol. 35 #3 (print/PDF only)

So Lucky (Nicola Griffith) at The Arts Fuse

Trail of Lightning (Rebecca Roanhorse) and Deer Woman (anthology) at Anomaly

Belly Up (Rita Bullwinkel) at the LA Review of Books (LARB)


April 2018

Maps Are Lines We Draw (Allison Coffelt) at Brevity 

No Way Home (Tyler Wetherall) at The Arts Fuse 

Things That Helped (Jessica Friedmann) at TRUE

Red Clocks (Leni Zumas) at the Guardian

Encircling 2 (Carl Frode Tiller) at LARB

Dictionary Stories (Jez Burrows) in Kolaj #22 (paper magazine only)


March 2018

Animals Eat Each Other (Elle Nash) at 3:AM

The Natashas (Yelena Moskovich) at the Masters Review

Tomb Song (Julian Herbert) at Cleaver

Silver Girl (Leslie Pietrzyk) at the Millions 


January-February 2018

Kingdom of Heaven (Rosalie Morales Kearns) at VIDA

The House of Erzulie (Kirsten Imani Kasai) at the Adroit Journal

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You (Tim Kreider) at Another Chicago Magazine

Everything Here Is Beautiful (Mira T. Lee) at the Masters Review

Daughters of the Air (Anca L. Szilágyi) at Locus (print, January 2018; online, February 2018)


September-December 2017

Bruising Continents (Claudia F. Savage) at Anomaly

Imprint (Claire Sicherman) at the Wisdom Daily

Mother of All Pigs (Malu Halasa) at the Los Angeles Review

The Complete Ballet (John Haskell) at Anomaly

Afterglow (Eileen Myles) at Brevity

Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away (Alice Anderson) at Fiction Advocate


2016-May 2017

The Book of Joan (Lidia Yuknavitch) at the Rumpus

Popular Music (Kelly Schirmann) and The Crown Ain’t Worth Much (Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib) at Angel City Review

A Bestiary (Lily Hoang) at Angel City Review