~ indicates a lyric or hybrid essay.
* indicates a straightforward article.
all other items are in the middle.

Note: I will soon be organizing this page by topic, because I realize the chronological list is unwieldy. Stay tuned. 



* When You’re Gone (Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left at 50) at Rock & Roll Globe, July

* Shame and Sex Goggles (David Shields vs. Erica Garza) at Vol. 1 Brooklyn, July

Craft Essays (all June):

* False Alarm: The Tale of JT LeRoy Is a Hoax with Layers at Bitch, May

* There Will Never Be One Great Millennial Novel at Book and Film Globe, April

* Paratext, Bitches (Justin MacGregor’s Best F(r)iends) at ASAP/J, April

* What I Did at AWP at Book and Film Globe, April

* Review: Captain Marvel at Book and Film Globe, March

* Reading in the Horse Latitudes at Book and Film Globe, January

* Are Literary Awards Fraudulent? at Book and Film Globe, January



* Ariana Grande, Mean Girl at Book and Film Globe, December

* Why I Write for Free at Medium, December

* No Longer a Cowtown Puppet Show at Book & Film Globe, November 

* The Man Who Wrote the Mediocre Novel at the Establishment, October 

Boundin’ at Nailed, October 

* When Women Gather at sinkhole, October 

* The Lucky Loop (review of The Witch Elm by Tana French) at the Mantle, October 

* The Culture of Wealthy White Private Schools at Medium, October (syndicated at Scary Mommy

~ Hostage Audience at Queen Mob’s Teahouse, September

If You Whisper Like That in the Guilty Pleasures issue of Memoir Mixtapes, September

* Inventing My Own Tarot Spread Gave Me the Future I Wanted at Horoscope.com, September

Ranking Pretension in 1970s Sci-Fi at Popscure, August

* Confessions of a Backseat Gamer at Crixeo, August (I did not choose the photo header) 

* Stop Insisting on James Gunn’s Reinstatement at The Big Smoke, August

* The New Normal of Retail at Medium, July

* Five Craft Books Off the Beaten Path at CRAFT, July

* The Roar of Raging Nothing: The Uncanny Resemblance Between Sean Penn and Amanda McKittrick Ros at the Millions, June

* Stress-Purchasing Books When You’re Surrounded by Books at Medium, May

* No One Needs a White Opinion on the Lynching Memorial at The Big Smoke, May

* Star Studies Geeks and the Spellbinding Power of Celebrity at PopMatters, May

Choose Wisely at Medium, April

The Blank Slate of Melania at The Big Smoke, April 

~ Ten Things I Hid During My Echocardiogram at Booth, March 

A Meditation on Truth and Columbine at The Big Smoke, March
(reprinted from my blog)

~ A Letter to My Anorexic Self at Medium, February 

The American Way of Work at Lady/Liberty/Lit, February 

* Let’s Talk About That Guardian Depression Article at Medium, January 

* YA as an Impediment to Reading at Medium, January



~ Famous Men I Have Been Asked to Forgive (Abridged) at The Offing, November 

Choose to Be Fascinated at Medium, November (picked up by Student Voices)

~ Underside at Rivet: The Journal of Writing that Risks, November 

Slouching Towards Dicklehem at the Los Angeles Review, August 

~ A Body Manifesto in Five Acts at the Ms. Magazine Blog, May 

~ The Girl on the Bike at the Rumpus, February (Pushcart nominee) 



~ Yes to Women at The Manifest-Station, September 

~ This Is Not a Safe World in Volume VIII of the Southern California Review, April
(RIP. Read a PDF here.)



* Is “Women Owned” the New Affirmative Action? at Role/Reboot, July 

* The Bush is Back at Role/Reboot, January 



* My Life as a Black Swan at Role/Reboot, September 2013

The Perils of Too Much Choice at The Escapist, November 2011

Let Sleeping Morals Lie at Unlikely Stories, May 2007

Banning Happiness in South Dakota at Gelf, October 2006