Hi, book critics! I am one of you!

IMPORTANT: I am Katharine, with two As, not Katherine, with two Es.

It happens often enough not to bother me much, so no need to apologize if you mess it up. But one is my name and the other isn’t.


Preferred bio 

Katharine Coldiron’s work has appeared in Ms., the Washington Post, the Times Literary Supplement, LARB, the Rumpus, and many other places. Find her at kcoldiron.com and on Twitter @ferrifrigida.


Preferred headshot (credit: Barbara Manuel Potter)

Other headshots available upon request


Full-size cover for Ceremonials (PNG

Designed by Jesi Buell, illustration by Mariana Magaña


Press release for Ceremonials (PDF)

The illustrator for Ceremonials is Mariana Magaña. Contact her directly on Instagram; I have no special access to her.


Twitter here, Facebook here, Goodreads here. I don’t use Instagram, but KERNPUNKT does.