Interviews/Podcasts with Me:

The Dana Gould Hour: December 2021, February 2022, and December 2022 

The Star Wars Minute, July 2022

Ephemeral, Part I and Part II, May 2022 

Your Stupid Minds, March 2022

Movies from Hell, February 2022

Monster Movie Happy Hour, February 2022

Castle Talk, November 2021

B-Movie Mania, November 2021

Castle Talk, May 2021

Otherppl, February 2020

Queen Mob’s Teahouse, February 2020

The Rumpus, November 2019

Majanka’s Blog (tied to “After Gardens”), June 2019

Barrelhouse, March 2019

Luna Station Quarterly, May 2018

The Collagist, January 2018

Interviews with Others:

Kate Durbin, BOMB, May 2021

Cameron Dezen Hammon, Ravishly, October 2019

Christopher Higgs, Berfrois, October 2019

Molly Gaudry, the Adroit Journal, August 2019

Jerika Marchan, Southern Humanities Review, August 2019

Courtney Maum, BOMB, July 2019

Deborah Baker, Cagibi, July 2018

Emma Ramadan, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, February 2019

Daisy Johnson, the Rumpus, November 2018

Carlos Lozada, sinkhole, October 2018

Elissa Washuta, the Rumpus, September 2018

Alice Hatcher, the Masters Review, September 2018 (outtakes at Medium) 

Vanessa Blakeslee, sinkhole, August 2018

Kelly Sundberg, TRUE, June 2018

Natalie Singer, TRUE, March 2018

Books I Hate (and Also Some I Like) on Entropy:

Colette Sartor, October 2019

Cathy Ulrich, September 2019

Melissa Duclos, August 2019

Leland Cheuk, July 2019

Bethany C. Morrow, May 2019

George Choundas, April 2019

Erika T. Wurth, March 2019

Anita Felicelli, February 2019

Morris Collins, January 2019

Matt Lubchansky, November 2018

Litsa Dremousis, October 2018

Amy Pence, September 2018

Kelcey Parker Ervick, August 2018

Brad Listi, July 2018

Eileen G’Sell, June 2018

Sassafras Lowrey, May 2018

Neil Snowdon, April 2018

Ariel Gore, March 2018

Samantha Irby, February 2018

Tomas Moniz, January 2018

Genevieve Kaplan, November 2017

Kristi Coulter, October 2017
(#30 on the list of the most read articles on Entropy for 2017)

Jessica Piazza, September 2017

Zoe Zolbrod, August 2017

Lynn K. Hall, May 2017

Gayle Brandeis, June 2017

Teow Lim Goh, April 2017

Alyse Knorr, April 2017