I had work published on the internet years before I was any good at writing.
In the interests of honesty, I’m leaving up stuff from 2007, but if I were you, I’d read the stuff from 2017.

Also, visit this page for a list of work I particularly love and am proud of.

Literary Fiction: 

What We Left in the Caf at Idle Ink, May 2021 

Between Four and Six at Rhythm & Bones, July 2019 

The First Snow at Storm Cellar, February 2018 (pay wall)

A Six-Word Story at Medium, December 2017

Shade at Hobart, October 2015

MicroDry at The Normal School, May 2015

To-Do in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, January 2015

This Fall, Thursdays, 9 PM in Monkeybicycle, November 2013

With the Phone in Her Hand, February 2008
(this story was a finalist in the Washington Post Valentine’s Day Contest and was published on the site with the other finalists)

The Bargain in Salome, March 2007

Final Qualifier in DiddleDog, July 2007

Fucked in Route: Born in the 1980’s (Amazon)

Genre Fiction: 

C-a-l-l-a-s (sci-fi) at Luna Station Quarterly, March 2018

On Conti Street with the Kintner Dame (noir) in Issue 11 of Kzine, Winter 2015 (pay wall)

Kingdom Automata (sci-fi) in Issue #45 of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction, October 2013


“Transformation” Tif (micromemoir) in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Tiferet (pay wall)

Five Stories, Collated (micromemoir) in Issue 5 of Beacon Quarterly, Spring 2018 (pay wall)

Victorian Spam at Occulum (a weekly, pseudonymous column, 2017-2018)
Week One / Week Two / Week Three / Week Four / Week Five / Week Six / Week Seven / Week Eight / Week Nine / Week Ten / Week Eleven / Week Twelve

Der Traum (erotica) at Exotic Magazine, April 2018
(this link goes to a PDF with TONS!!! of nudity; my story is on pages 46 and 47)

Carry Me to Heaven (collage) at the Collagist, June 2017

Marketing Roundtable at Skinny Cow (humor) at The Rumpus, December 2016
(a collaborative effort between me, Dolly Knight, Julie Greicius, Emily Storey, and Gloria Harrison) 

fell in the weeping brook (unknown) in Witch Craft Magazine, Fall 2016 (pay wall)

Traffic (microfic) in Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k), February 2007