Where I hang out on the internet:

You’re welcome to email me, kcoldiron at gmail dot com. I love emails. 

My YouTube Channel. I make short videos of film analysis, and I’m trying to grow the channel, so I’d love to see you over there.

My blogthe Fictator. I’ve been keeping the Fictator since 2011, so there’s a lot of material there. Most of it is about writing.

Also my Facebook page. Please feel free to follow me, and if you’re not a creep, friend me.

Please subscribe to my newsletter. I work hard to put it together, and it’s the best way to keep up with my publications. I put in book recommendations and often the best essays and stories I’ve read. 

I’m on Twitter basically all day every day. I don’t mind DMs there, but if you have a pitch or some other professional editorial thing, email me instead. It’ll get lost and I’ll forget about it otherwise. 

I’m on Goodreads as an author and reader. If you object to Goodreads as strongly as I do, you might see this as a betrayal, but sister, I got books to sell. 

I’m on Instagram, but I truly hate it, so please don’t take any contact or lack thereof on there personally.