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November 2022

Doom Town (Gabriel Blackwell) at Barrelhouse 

April 2022

The Dark Hours (Michael Connelly) at Alta 

September 2021

A Paradise Built in Hell (and Lost) (Rebecca Solnit) at Alta Online 

November 2019

The Yellow House (Sarah M. Broom) at Carolina Quarterly 

This Particular Happiness (Jackie Shannon Hollis) at Heavy Feather Review 

FKA USA (Reed King) at Locus 

The Fox and Dr. Shimamura (Christine Wunnicke) at Locus 

Internment (Samira Ahmed) at Locus 

October 2019

Burn It Down (ed. Lilly Dancyger) at NPR 

The Undying (Anne Boyer) at Book & Film Globe 

Like Wings, Your Hands (Elizabeth Earley) at Gertrude 

Silver in the Wood (Emily Tesh) at Locus 

If, Then (Kate Hope Day) at Locus 

Necropolis PD (Nathan Sumison) at Locus 

September 2019

If I Don’t Make It, I Love You (ed. Amye Archer & Loren Kleinman) at the Washington Post 

Five Windows (Jon Roemer) at Book & Film Globe 

The Nothing That Is (Johanna Skibsrud) at BOMB

Homesick (Jennifer Croft) and Homesick (Nino Cipri) at Vol. 1 Brooklyn 

Bloomland (John Englehardt) and This Tilting World (Colette Fellous, trans. Sophie Lewisat Book & Film Globe 

White Flights (Jess Row) at LARB

Air Logic (Laurie J. Marks) at Locus

No Good Very Bad Asian (Leland Cheuk) at Book & Film Globe 

As a River (Sion Dayson) at the Arts Fuse 

Upon a Burning Throne (Ashok K. Banker) at Locus

Spiritual Choreographies (Carlos Labbe, trans. Will Vanderhyden) at On the Seawall 

The Untold Gaze (Stephen O’Donnell et al.) at After the Art 

No Country for Old Gnomes (Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne) at Locus

August 2019

Machine (Susan Steinberg) at On the Seawall 

No Finis (Deborah Woodard) at Anomaly 

Amnesty (Lara Elena Donnelly) at Locus 

We Are All Good People Here (Susan Rebecca White) at the Arts Fuse 

Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through (T Fleischmann) at Pleiades 

The Long Accomplishment (Rick Moody) at Book & Film Globe 

July 2019

Laika’s Window (Kurt Caswell) at Brevity 

Fleishman Is in Trouble (Taffy Brodesser-Akner) at Book & Film Globe 

Gather the Fortunes (Bryan Camp) at Locus 

Moon of the Crusted Snow (Waubgeshig Rice) at Locus 

June 2019

Not Everyone Is Special (Josh Denslow) in Pleiades 39.2 (print only; read at Project Muse with subscription)

Isako Isako (Mia Ayumi Malhotra) in CALYX 31:1 (print only)

Bookmarked: Stoner (Steve Almond) at Book & Film Globe 

The Gutter Prayer (Gareth Hanrahan) at Locus

May 2019

Smoke and Summons (Charlie N. Holmberg) at Locus

The Lesson (Cadwell Turnbull) at Locus 

Catch, Release (Adrienne Harun) at the Kenyon Review 

The Conviction of Cora Burns (Carolyn Kirby) at the Adroit Journal

Juliet the Maniac (Juliet Escoria) at Book & Film Globe

Tides of the Titans (Thoraiya Dyer) at Locus

What Should Be Wild (Julia Fine) at Locus

Banshee (Rachel DeWoskin) and Choke Box (Christina Milletti) at Women’s Review of Books (Issue 36.3

April 2019

Carmilla (Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, ed. Carmen Maria Machado) at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

A Dog Between Us (duncan b. barlow) at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Lost Gods (Micah Yongo) at Locus

Empire of Sand (Tasha Suri) at Locus

Revenge of the Translator (Brice Matthieussent) at Carolina Quarterly

All Ships Follow Me (Mieke Eerkens) at NPR

March 2019

The Ash Family (Molly Dektar) at the Arts Fuse 

You Who Enter Here (Erika T. Wurth) at the Fanzine

The Bird King (G. Willow Wilson) at the Arts Fuse

Sissy (Jacob Tobia) at the Washington Post

This Never Happened (Liz Scott) at Book and Film Globe

Something Like Breathing (Angela Readman) at the Guardian

The Body Myth (Rheea Mukherjee) at Book and Film Globe

February 2019

2018 in Review at Locus

The Western Wind (Samantha Harvey) at the Arts Fuse

Gatsby’s Child (Dorin Schumacher) at the Arts Fuse

Handbook for a Post-Roe America (Robin Marty) at Book and Film Globe

Öræfi: The Wasteland (Ófeigur Sigurðsson) at Carolina Quarterly

Mother Winter (Sophia Shalmiyev) at Book and Film Globe

Surge (Etel Adnan) at VIDA

Tonic and Balm (Stephanie Allen) at the Masters Review

Go Ahead in the Rain (Hanif Abdurraqib) at Rock and Roll Globe

The Collected Schizophrenias (Esmé Weijun Wang) at LARB

January 2019

Thirty-Seven (Peter Stenson) at 3:AM

Musalaheen (Jason Arment) and Stranger in the Pen (Mohamed Asem) at sinkhole

Last Night in Nuuk (Niviaq Korneliussen) at Los Angeles Review of Books

You Know You Want This (Kristen Roupenian) at Book and Film Globe

Unmarriageable (Soniah Kamal) at Jane to Georgette

Last Woman Standing (Amy Gentry) at BUST

World Domination: The Sub Pop Records Story (Gillian G. Gaar) at Rock and Roll Globe

Virtuoso (Yelena Moskovich) at the Times Literary Supplement (paywall)

Narrator (Bragi Ólafsson) at Cleaver

Callbacks (Meg Whiteford) and Frail Sister (Karen Green) at Book and Film Globe

G (Emmalea Russo) at Anomaly

December 2018

We Can Save Us All (Adam Nemett) at Barrelhouse

You Could Stop It Here (Stacy Austin Egan) at Pleiades

The Cloven (B. Catling) at Locus

Scribe (Alyson Hagy) at the Carolina Quarterly

Hollywood vs. the Author (ed. Stephen Jay Schwartz) at Book and Film Globe

A Handbook of Disappointed Fate (Anne Boyer) at the Los Angeles Review

We Can’t Breathe (Jabari Asim) at Brevity

November 2018

The Golden State (Lydia Kiesling) at the Women’s Review of Books, vol. 35 #6 (print/PDF only)

Love in the New Millennium (Can Xue) at the Arts Fuse

After the Death of Shostakovich Père (Maya Sonenberg) at Pleiades

Notes from No Man’s Land (Eula Biss) at sinkhole

The Making Sense of Things (George Choundas) at Western Humanities Review 

Beyoncé in Formation (Omise’eke Tinsley) at the Houston Chronicle 

There There (Tommy Orange) at the Times Literary Supplement (paywall)

October 2018

The Rending and the Nest (Kaethe Schwehn) [full review] and Moon Brow (Shahriar Mandanipour) [short take] at Locus

While You Were Gone (Sybil Baker) at Heavy Feather Review

Sleeping Dragons (Magela Baudoin) at Cleaver

The Witch Elm (Tana French) at the Mantle (also listed on the Essays page) 

Riddance (Shelley Jackson) at Popscure

So Many Islands (ed. Nicholas Laughlin and Nailah Folami Imoja) at sinkhole

The Quelling (Barbara Barrow) at the Inquisitive Mind (profile/review)

For Other Ghosts (Donald Quist) at the Arts Fuse 

CoDex 1962 (Sjón) at the LA Review of Books (LARB) 

September 2018

[It] Incandescent (Amy Pence) at The Bind

Night Moves (Jessica Hopper) at 3:AM

A Certain Loneliness (Sandra Gail Lambert) at River Teeth

Summer Cannibals (Melanie Hobson) at the Arts Fuse

August 2018

The Strange Case of Dr. Couney (Dawn Raffel) at The Mantle

Come as You Are (ed. E. Kristin Anderson) at Barrelhouse

Gross Anatomy (Mara Altman) at BUST

Nothing Good Can Come From This (Kristi Coulter) at the Chicago Review of Books

This Mournable Body (Tsitsi Dangarembga) at the Masters Review

Perfect Conditions (Vanessa Blakeslee) at sinkhole

Hunting Party (Agnés Desarthe) at the Kenyon Review

July 2018

Irradiated Cities (Mariko Nagai) at the Los Angeles Review

The City of Lost Fortunes (Bryan Camp) at Locus 

Echoes of Understorey (Thoraiya Dyer) at Locus 

Sketchtasy (Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore) at Gertrude Press 

Mirror, Shoulder, Signal (Dorthe Nors) at the Women’s Review of Books, vol. 35 #4 (print/PDF only)

People in the Room (Norah Lange) at the Women’s Review of Books, vol. 35 #4 (print/PDF only)

The Blurry Years (Eleanor Kriseman) at the Masters Review 

New Poets of Native Nations (ed. Heid E. Erdrich) at sinkhole 

June 2018

Assumptions We Might Make About the Postworld (Katharine Haake) at Anomaly 

The Captives (Debra Jo Immergut) at LARB 

Never Anyone But You (Rupert Thomson) at the Arts Fuse

Gaslight: Lantern Slides from the Nineteenth Century (Joachim Kalka) at Cleaver

May 2018

MEM (Bethany C. Morrow) at Locus

Credo: An Anthology of Manifestos and Sourcebook for Creative Writing (eds. Rita Banerjee & Diana Norma Szokolyai) at CRAFT

The Underneath (Melanie Finn) at sinkhole

Profile/Review: Stormwarming (Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir) at Women’s Review of Books, vol. 35 #3 (print/PDF only)

So Lucky (Nicola Griffith) at the Arts Fuse

Trail of Lightning (Rebecca Roanhorse) and Deer Woman (anthology) at Anomaly

Belly Up (Rita Bullwinkel) at the LARB

April 2018

Maps Are Lines We Draw (Allison Coffelt) at Brevity 

No Way Home (Tyler Wetherall) at the Arts Fuse 

Things That Helped (Jessica Friedmann) at TRUE

Red Clocks (Leni Zumas) at the Guardian

Encircling 2 (Carl Frode Tiller) at LARB

Dictionary Stories (Jez Burrows) in Kolaj #22 (paper magazine only)

March 2018

Animals Eat Each Other (Elle Nash) at 3:AM

The Natashas (Yelena Moskovich) at the Masters Review

Tomb Song (Julian Herbert) at Cleaver

Silver Girl (Leslie Pietrzyk) at the Millions 

January-February 2018

Kingdom of Heaven (Rosalie Morales Kearns) at VIDA

The House of Erzulie (Kirsten Imani Kasai) at the Adroit Journal

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You (Tim Kreider) at Another Chicago Magazine

Everything Here Is Beautiful (Mira T. Lee) at the Masters Review

Daughters of the Air (Anca L. Szilágyi) at Locus (print, January 2018; online, February 2018)

September-December 2017

Bruising Continents (Claudia F. Savage) at Anomaly

Imprint (Claire Sicherman) at the Wisdom Daily

Mother of All Pigs (Malu Halasa) at the Los Angeles Review

The Complete Ballet (John Haskell) at Anomaly

Afterglow (Eileen Myles) at Brevity

Some Bright Morning, I’ll Fly Away (Alice Anderson) at Fiction Advocate

2016-May 2017

The Book of Joan (Lidia Yuknavitch) at the Rumpus

Popular Music (Kelly Schirmann) and The Crown Ain’t Worth Much (Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib) at Angel City Review

A Bestiary (Lily Hoang) at Angel City Review