These are the pieces of writing I like most. They either came out exactly the way I envisioned, were successful with audiences, or fulfilled my larger goals as a writer in some way. Or, in the case of the interviews, they were unusually fun and insightful.

When Women Gather at sinkhole, October 2018

The Roar of Raging Nothing: The Uncanny Resemblance Between Sean Penn and Amanda McKittrick Ros at the Millions, June 2018

The American Way of Work at Lady/Liberty/Lit, February 2018

The Girl on the Bike at the Rumpus, February 2017 

Review (sort of): The Witch Elm (Tana French), the Mantle, October 2018

Review: Encircling 2 (Carl Frode Tiller), the LA Review of Books (LARB), April 2018

Review: Bruising Continents (Claudia F. Savage) at Anomaly, December 2017

Hostage Audience at Queen Mob’s Teahouse, September 2018

Carry Me to Heaven at the Collagist, June 2017

A Body Manifesto in Five Acts at the Ms. Magazine Blog, May 2017

The First Snow at Storm Cellar, February 2017 (paywall)

Slouching Towards Dicklehem at the Los Angeles Review, August 2017

Interview with duncan b. barlow at Entropy, December 2017

Interview with Gayle Brandeis at Entropy, May 2017