Working on a thesis? Feeling undersupported? Need a non-intimidating mentor?


You’re looking for me!


I specialize in working with people in low-residency or high-independence creative writing programs: academic programs where the professors are either too intimidating or too busy to provide the kind of one-on-one, plain-talk mentoring that you need to complete a major creative project. I can offer you direction, including writing reference books to read, literary theory that pertains to your ideas, and creative production methods to consider.


I will talk to you and push you exactly as much as you need me to, offering open communication and adjustment throughout the process. I can help you stick to a deadline, or I can leave you alone until you have pages you need my help with. I can line-edit or not; I can help you assemble a bibliography or not; everything I do is customizable to what you need.


What I will not do: 

  • Edit poetry.
  • Ignore you.
  • Write your thesis for you.
  • Push my voice into your writing.
  • Insist that I’m right and your professors are wrong.


Get in touch if you need me, kcoldiron at gmail dot com. Extremely reasonable (i.e. student-friendly) hourly fees.