I offer two kinds of editing: copy and developmental.


Copy Editing/Proofreading

For three years, I edited web content for money. It was a contract position, working at home, and I adored it. I’ve been proofreading the world since I was a child, and getting to do it for money was the most natural fit for a job I’ve ever known.

I can proofread subtitles, children’s books, dissertations, promotional copy, novels, posters, journalism, and virtually anything else that’s written with expectations of correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. I am slow with work composed by ESL writers, but otherwise I am pretty fast.

I’m most familiar with Chicago style, but I can edit to your house style. I can work either on a flat fee (half up front) or on an hourly fee, whichever works best for your project. I am flexible, friendly, calm, and unfailingly meticulous.



Developmental Editing

Are you writing a book? Is something wrong with it, but you don’t know what it is? Send it to me for a look. I will tell you if I think it’s fixable, or if I think you need to start over with a new project instead. My experience includes reading since I was three years old, a master’s degree, and several failed novels. I am supportive, patient, and no-bullshit. Extremely reasonable hourly fees.


Get in touch (kcoldiron at gmail dot com) if you need me. I do not write copy.